Signs You Should Know When Your Girl Is Taking Advantage Of You

When a man is in love, he can do anything in their power for the relationship to work. But sadly some ladies know this and benefit from it. Many men do not know about this yet. It is only another person who can realize you are being used. The following are ways you can discover you are being used if you are in a relationship.

She needs you to invest in the relationship more

It is nice for you to invest in a relationship if the other partner is also investing in the relationship too. You should know she wants to benefit from you if you are the only one who is investing in the relationship and she is not. Someone has a natural intuition to give the best in their relationship if they love you back. True love learns to give more than you receive.

She does not care about youtfdtf

If a lady loves you they will want to share everything with you, they let you know what is happening to them on a┬ádaily basis and they want to hear the same from you. It raises a red flag if you girl doesn’t care or is not interested in your affairs. If she is mostly concerned with want is happening to her, and she needs you to help in getting her wants. She is taking advantage of you.

She repeatedly cancels plans with you

Watch out if she keeps on canceling on any plans you have. If you are supposed to meet, she says she is busy at the last minute, and you had planned for this a week before. She always has reasons why you cannot meet, please if someone loves you they will want to spend most of their time together with you. She only gives the reasons as an excess to make you feel better.

She makes you feel guilty

yfgygty4Many people do not know how to cope with guilt; it is a powerful emotion. A girlfriend who is not really into you will try to use this to their advantage as they are aware of how great guilt is. She can say ‘ i know you are so busy to meet me’ if they want to meet you for some reason or if they want something from you. In her statements she claims that you do not care about her anymore, you do not know how they survive. She is playing reverse psychology and trying to be defensive in her bidding to get you to do what they want you to do.