shoes for women

Shoes are essential in completing your wardrobe. Good shoes can transform or even change a bad outfit. There are different types of shoes, depending on occasion and style. Unlike popular belief, you do not need to have many shoes unless you are a shoe collector.

Having the basics can help you to transform your style and enhance the way you look. When it comes to buying shoes, make sure that you get the best quality at It is also advisable to be versatile in your style so that you can get value for money. Here are some different types of shoes every woman should own:

Ballerina Flats

Ballerina flats are a must-have for every woman. These are girly and comfortable shoes that can be worn for casual occasions and even going shopping. Since they are flat, they are comfortable to wear at all times.

Get these shoes in a basic colour like black or brown so that you can wear them with different outfits. You can get these shoes in high-end designer labels and also fashion blogs. Ballerina flats are ideal for a feminine, relaxed look.

Flat Sandals

Flat sandals are good for summer. On those days that you need to have fun without shoes coming in the way, make sure that you invest in good flat sandals.

It is important to buy stylish ones that you can wear on every occasion. You can wear sandals to the beach and also when going out with friends. The best thing is you can get them in a variety of colours and designs.

Black Pumps

Black pumps are versatile, and you can wear them anyway. You can dress up and wear them to the office, and at the same time, you can wear them for a night out with jeans or a fancy dress. When looking for pumps, pointed-toe pumps are the best for versatility.


Boots are great for cold weather and when you want to show your fashion style. There are different types of boots, depending on material and style. Some of the most common materials include leather and suede. You can also get ankle boots, knee length and thigh length.


A good pair of sneakers is a great addition to your wardrobe. You can get running sneakers and also casual sneakers for daily wear. If you are feeling intimidated by choosing sneakers, you can get in basic colours like black and white.