How to Lower Your Electric Bills This Summer

It’s summer again and electric bills will surely go up again. With cooling devices turned on during most hours, there seems to be no way that you can spend less on power bills. Your freezer will surely be used non-stop to make ice cubes and other frozen foods to make you feel cooler. If you are tight on your budget, lowering your electric consumption will surely be of great help.

To help you out, here are some effective ways to lower your bills during these hot months of summer.

Set Your Air Conditioner Until 1 AM

Indeed, it is impossible to get some quality sleep without turning on the air-con because the nights are also hot. But when it is past midnight, the air becomes getting a little colder. You may be able to sleep without your air conditioner. It your air-con does not have a timer, you have to use the remote control. You can turn it on when you can feel that it is becoming hot again be 9 AM. This means that your air con will be off for many hours. You will surely save much when you do this daily.

Use the Sunshine to Dry Clothes

The sun’s rays are so strong during the summer. It can easily dry your washed clothes. This means that you do not have to use the dryer. By doing this, you can save on energy. If you still don’t know the air conditioner and the washing machine are two of the most powerful consumer of energy in your home.

Check Your Home Insulation

If you haven’t checked your home insulation for quite some time now, you should have done it before summer came. It can be of great help to decrease your electric bills. If there are some leaks, your air-con may not be as effective. This may be because hot air from the outside is coming in.

Enjoy the Sunset and Sunrise Longer

We have more beautiful sunsets and sunrises during the summer. Don’t turn on the bulbs while there the sunset is still giving some light. The same is true in the morning, you will be able to enjoy the sunrise from the inside of your home when the lights are turned off already.

Spend More Time Outdoors

Entertain your guests on your deck. This means that you do not have to switch on the air-con. Have your afternoon coffee under your garden gazebo where you can feel cool winds on your skin.

A nightly family bonding activity will also mean that all the bulbs in every room are not yet switch on until your activity is finished.